• -You will be camping in the high desert (2,500 elevation) on Native Luiseno land at the La Jolla reservation campground in Pauma Valley, CA ~ near San Diego.
  • -The San Luis Rey river flows gently through the campground along the many campsites. This is a general admission tent camping event so sharing campsite space is inevitable.
  • -Bathroom and shower facilities are throughout the campground, as well as extra port o potties. Please ~ Do not use nature as a toilet, it can hurt the river, and is cause for expulsion from the festival grounds.
  • -When preparing to pack your clothing, think about dressing in layers, which can be added or removed depending on the changes in temperature. Daytime can be warm to hot, and the night time cold. The river can be enjoyed by shallow wading and lounging along rivers edge. You will want to bring something to wear in the water and a pack a towel.
  • -Tent camping and car camping is allowed. All space is general admission and shared. Feel free to make your camp as fun as you want with décor and lighting!
  • -Water is available through spigots throughout the campground. This is safe drinking water. We will also be selling water, but appreciate you bringing in your own and using the spigots in re-usable containers.
  • -Roads need to be kept clear, we need a 14’ space through the campground to meet fire and safety requirements to keep all of you safe! If you leave your car unattended, blocking the road, we will tow it. Do not park your car until you are confident it is in a safe spot or keep driving until you find one.


  • -You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks but NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED
  • There is a cafe on site with water, ice will be sold daily and we've made sure prices are low.
  • -Tent, Sleeping bag, ground sheet/pad, air mattress, bedding, pillow, headlamp or flashlight, medicines in a named bottle that matches ID only, bug spray, toiletries
  • -Warm clothes and disco drag (remember 2 thin layers is better than one thick) extra socks, shoes & rain gear it never rains in Southern California till it does
  • -Cash, We will have an atm on site at check-in only, but please stock up on cash for supplies pre-arrival to the site.
  • -Your ID, for check in that matches your ticket. All attendees must be 21+ no refunds for under 21 purchases
  • -Don't bring laptops or valuables. We are off-grid, power is for event needs only, Battery packs and solar powered gadgets are the way to go. We are here to escape!